Acupuncturist in Foxboro

Bridging the gap between body, mind and soul

ROBIN ROTHSTEIN has had a major interest in the natural path to health and healing from a very early age, even though she spent many years in other careers, having been a medical librarian, a professional photographer, and a mortgage loan officer.  All of which seem quite disparate, while in reality it was Robin’s job and sincere desire to be able to “diagnose” exactly what would be necessary to serve her clients, and then to find the best way to provide that.  It’s a little bit like fitting the pieces of the puzzle together.  

Every patient is his or her own individual puzzle.  Through asking the right questions according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, we can come to a diagnosis and then match the patient’s symptoms with a treatment.  This is what gives Robin her greatest joy – making each patient’s puzzle pieces fit into a diagnosis and treatment that will help their body come back into balance and heal.  

She enjoys treating all sorts of issues, from stress and anxiety, to headaches and body aches and pains, to digestive issues to insomnia.  She also has a growing interest in auto-immune conditions as well as women’s issues, including menstruation and fertility, pregnancy and menopause.  

Robin feels that the relationship with the patient is a collaborative one, so we work together on establishing a treatment plan.  Since acupuncture treatments have a cumulative effect (i.e. they build on each other), over the course of a number of treatments  patients can experience not only relief from the symptoms for which they initially sought treatment, but may find that their body is coming into balance in other ways.  

Imagine coming in to be treated for chronic shoulder pain, and then finding after a few treatments that your insomnia is much better and you have fewer headaches or digestive problems, or maybe your periods are becoming more regular and less painful!  This is a common occurrence with acupuncture.  

Robin is a graduate of the New England School of Acupuncture, one of the most respected acupuncture schools in the country, and has been successfully treating patients in a number of clinics in the Greater Boston area.