Hot Stone Massage is an excellent choice of treatment all year round.  It is extremely beneficial during the dark, cold winter months because of its deep penetrating qualities.  This massage can help to ward off achey arthritis and tightened muscles caused by damp, cold winter weather.

Hot Stone Massage is a relaxing way to soothe your muscles and open your energy channels.  This unique massage uses heated stones to soften sore, tight muscles.  The heat from the Basalt stones allows for warm deep healing, encouraging the muscles to release and soften.  This creates deep relaxation throughout the body, mind, and spirit. The smooth, warm stones can be used as tools to gently dig deep into the soft tissue of your body. The deep heat is a perfect way to promote circulation and release aches and pains.  The stones can also be used to open energy channels by being placed on specific points and  along different energy lines (meridians) of your body.

History of Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage has endured the test of time.  Used for centuries in cultures around the globe for its healing properties, Hot Stone Massage was and still is practiced because it works!  Over 5,000 years ago, healers in India incorporated Hot Stone Massage techniques into their Ayurvedic medicine practices.   Dating back, at least 4,000 years, it was recorded that Asian cultures used hot stones in massage to strengthen the organs and their energies.  

Native Americans used Hot Stone Massage in sweat lodges and rituals to help purify both the body and mind. Hawaiian islanders used lava rocks during  Lomi Lomi massage.  Even the Bible mentions stones used in massage as healing practices (Pat Mayrhofer, Massage Magazine, 2010).​​

Hot Stone Massage


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