​Make a smooth transition from pregnancy to motherhood.  This class focuses on the needs of both mom and baby during the first few months postpartum.

  • Postpartum nutrition and exercise
  • Bonding with baby and spouse
  • Nutritional needs while breastfeeding
  • TLC for new moms

Preparing RIGHT Now


This Pregnancy and Postpartum Health and Wellness class is a series of 3 classes that can be taken any time during pregnancy, from pre-conception through the first 3 months postpartum.  The classes are two hours long and can be taken as a series of 3 or individually.​

Wednesday nights  6:00 - 8:00pm
Series of 3 classes :   $150
​Individual classes:    $65

​January  17                March  14

January  24                March  21

January  31                March  28

Eating RIGHT Now

Experience optimal nutrition during pregnancy and beyond.  This class focuses on nutritional needs before, during and post pregnancy.

  • Nutritional needs during pregnancy
  • Choosing quality, pregnancy safe foods
  • Eating for two and healthy weight gain
  • Mastering cravings through nutrition​​

These Class Are:

Bridging the gap between body, mind and soul



Turn your pregnancy into a healthy new beginning.  This first class focuses on lifestyle, attitude and exercise at every stage of pregnancy.

  • Stages of pregnancy
  • Lifestyle choices to make
  • Safe and effective exercise
  • The role and impact of mom’s attitude