Bridging the gap between body, mind and soul

Massage Therapist in Sharon MA

ALEXA DISTEFANO started her career as a nurse's assistant but found her true passion was in natural healing. Alexa believes that the body should be healed as a whole rather than for the symptom, finding the root of each issue.  Alexa attended SpaTech of Plymouth for massage therapy, where she learned a variety of  hands on modalities.

Alexa lives by the belief of mind, body and soul connection, and that one part cannot thrive without  the other. When in alignment, the human body is capable of magnificent things. 

Alexa is a Massage Therapist dedicated to the natural well being of her clients. Each session is fine tuned for what each individual needs whether it be physical, spiritual or emotional. She takes pride in her work through getting to know exactly what each client is looking for.  She then works with them to the best of her ability. Alexa believes that we are all continuously growing and evolving;  staying in tune to this is vital in educating us on the best possible ways to treat our bodies.

Whether you are looking to ease tension in your body, boost your immune and circulatory systems, or relax and revitalize your mind, receiving massage regularly can promote all of these and so much more!