Enlightened Earth Healing is a center committed to full-body awareness and conscious connectedness. Our comfortable, quiet space invites you to relax your body, free your mind, and ground your spirit. Through a unique combination of safe and natural hands-on therapies, EEH will help you revitalize and recover your natural energy to enhance your total wellness.

Through a unique combination of swedish/therapeutic massage, infused with various energy balancing techniques, including Reiki Therapy, our sessions focus on unblocking the body's natural energy flow, allowing for healthier living and a smoother life path. This choice of therapy is extremely beneficial for just about everyone. Whether you struggle with chronic illness, are on the brink of the extraordinary journey of starting a new family, have recently experienced a life-altering event, or have simply been over-worked and stressed for too long, the physical and spiritual benefits of hands-on healing provide guidance and grounding to help you focus on you.