​Massage Therapy center in Sharon MA:  Holistic Healing Tailored to Your Needs:

Massage, Bodywork, ACUPUNCTURE​ & MORE

Through a unique combination of safe and natural hands-on therapies, EEH will help you revitalize and recover your natural energy to enhance your total wellness. 

All our sessions focus on unblocking the body's natural energy flow, allowing for healthier living and a smoother life path.  Our massage sessions, acupuncture treatments, bodywork and energy healings, are extremely beneficial for just about everyone.  

Whether you struggle with chronic illness, are on the brink of starting a new family, have experienced a life-altering event, or have simply been over-worked and stressed for too long, the physical and spiritual benefits of our hands-on therapies provide guidance and grounding to help you focus on you.

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We offer Massage therapy in Sharon, Reiki massage in Sharon as well as other services at this location.


Enlightened Earth Healing (EEH),  a holistic health management  center committed to full body awareness and conscious connectedness.  We invite you to unite with the energies of Mother Earth, relax your body, free your mind and ground your spirit.  

Bridging the gap between body, mind, and soul